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About Us

Mission Statement

This organization shall be a professional association known as the SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY PROBATION OFFICERS ASSOCIATION, hereinafter referred to as the “SJCPOA”, incorporated as a California non-profit mutual benefit corporation under the laws of the State of California. 


The purpose of the SJCPOA is to secure and advance officer safety, promote harmonious employee relations between San Joaquin County and the SJCPOA , establishment of an equitable and peaceful procedure for the resolution of differences, the establishment of salaries, working conditions, and any other conditions of employment, and where appropriate, legislative and political programs, consistent with the mission of the establishment of the SJCPOA; encourage the professional growth of SJCPOA members through continued education, training, and research as it relates to the field of probation and law enforcement; provide for the welfare of the SJCPOA members by establishing a legal defense program; and build a positive bridge between the SJCPOA, its members and the communities, which we serve.

Board Members

Jordan Richards, President 
Marcello Garcia, Vice President 
Tabitha Heraty, Treasurer 
Moises Millan, Secretary


Eric Rowe 
Justin Maggio
Kyle Mitchell 
Monique Frazier

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